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WQA - Watson Quality Advisor

Project type

Web Application


June 2023 - Present


San Jose

During the tape drive manufacturing process, hundreds, if not thousands, of data points are recorded. Most of the data recorded is crucial to understanding the successes and the failures of the manufacturing process, and one of the biggest issues is that there is not one, consolidated place to access this data. This problem initiated a project called Watson Quality Advisor (WQA) a web application that displays and analyzes the data in each part of tape drive manufacturing.

Currently, I serve as a backend developer for the project, primarily working on the middleware that is responsible for retrieving the necessary data from ElasticSearch and formatting it for the front end. In the future, I plan on contributing in more areas of the project, such as working on chart visualizations on the frontend and working on the data pipeline that transfers data from our SQL databases into ElasticSearch.

So far, working as developer for this project has proved to be a valuable experience. Although I have built and worked on several web applications previously, I have never worked on one that involved the sheer amount of data that this one does.

Due to the nature of the project, limited images and information can be shared about the project.

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