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Senior Project - NFT Web Application

Project type

Full Stack Web Application


January 2023 - June 2023


San Luis Obispo

For my senior project, I partnered with a client from Cal Poly Start Ups to help them build a full stack NFT application. My client had extensive knowledge of the crypto space, but little expertise regarding how to apply her knowledge to a tool that everyday users could take advantage of. Therefore, when choosing my senior project, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to devote my 20 weeks to a software oriented project that would expose me to a new industry within software.

With the guidance from my senior advisor, BJ Klingenberg, I built a full stack web application from the ground up using React, Node, Postgres on Azure, as well as several NFT software development kits to build a fully functioning prototype that allows users to view, buy, sell, and manage their NFTs and crypto wallets. After the 20 week senior project, I took a step back from the project, and my client is currently working on leveraging the work I did for them to transform the current state of the project into a production-ready product.

This experience was incredibly valuable to my growth as a software developer. Not only did I get to hone my react skills, but I also got to apply my software knowledge to a space I was previously unfamiliar of.

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